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    First Mutual Bank - Canyon Park

This 4,000 SF branch facility is based on First Mutual Bank’s prototype developed by The Driftmier Architects, but it is somewhat larger than the typical FMB facility. It includes four teller pods in the prototype circular configuration along with separate teller stations for merchant, vault and drive up tellers.   The plan includes office and conference space, employee lounge and other support spaces.  Along with 40 parking stalls, there are racks for four bikes and connections to the pedestrian network

The project included a great deal of site development. After the developer completed his work, the bank took the project over and completed wetland mitigation, storm water detention, construction of a road through a wetland to connect the site to the nearest street, and a number of other general site development tasks. The overall site now includes three restaurants, retail stores, offices and the bank with room remaining for another office building.