The Driftmier Architects’ Project Manager Arnold Morrison has been appointed to the City of Everett’s Historical Commission. The Commission is made up of 11 citizens who serve a 6-year term. They are appointed by the mayor with endorsement by the City Council.

With degrees in Architecture and History, and minors in both Art History and Fine Arts, Arnold is a natural selection to the commission. Through education and practice, he has developed research methodologies and sensitivity to community context with an understanding of urban environments.

The City of Everett has one of the oldest historic preservation programs in the state. It was adopted in May of 1987 to emphasize incentives and educate achievements in historic preservation. The development of the City’s historical preservation program has been used as a statewide model that has received state recognition and national awards. The commission has granted special valuation to 10 prominent downtown buildings and 20+ buildings overall.

The duties of the Commission include:

• Nominating properties to the Everett Register of Historical Places
• Reviewing State and National register nominations in accord with the Secretary of the Interior
• Approving projects for “Special Valuation” tax benefits to offset the cost to maintain a historical property
• Providing “Design Review” for construction projects within the City’s historical overlay zones
• Consult with the schools, libraries, private property owners, and numerous others on historic preservation outlets to educate about the surrounding built environment
• Administration of the City’s Rucker/Grand, Norton/Grand, and Riverside Historic Overlay Districts
• Applying for and facilitating yearly grants from the State for Historical Preservation Projects
• Provide resources to accurately inventory the City’s neighborhoods and communities

The City’s Commission has adopted the Secretary of Interior’s “Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings” for use in reviewing and making decisions on certification.

Rehabilitation is defined as “the process of returning a property to a state of utility, through repair or alteration, which makes possible an efficient contemporary use while preserving those portions and features of the property which are significant to its historic architectural and cultural values.” In order to qualify for certain financial and technical assistance under the National Historic Preservation Act a property must be certified under this benchmark

If you have or are thinking of purchasing a historically significant property, The Driftmier Architects can support you in preserving, rehabilitating and maintaining your one-of-kind structure. Often owners and potential owners are hesitant to undertake a historic project, however, The Driftmier Architects has the knowledge to help you establish the property on your local, state, or national registry and meet your budget with the monetary grants and tax benefits entitled to you. We can help you preserve the appeal and charm of your vintage keepsake.