The Driftmier Architects has completed the design of a new main facility for Community Healthcare Federal Credit Union and the project recently started construction. Arcon Builders LLC is the general contractor. The new facility is a remodel to a former Greyhound bus station and will be completely transformed to an updated credit union with an open and friendly feel. The new 3,970 sf facility will include an open lobby with 3 stand-up teller stations and 1 sit-down teller station, 2 workstations in the lobby with room for 2 additional workstations in the future. The design includes 1 private office, a meeting room, board room, lunch room and restrooms.

Community Healthcare Federal Credit Union (CHFCU) will be moving from their current location on Broadway in Everett, also designed by The Driftmier Architects, to the new facility at 1503 Pacific Ave. CHFCU was interested in a new location that increased their visibility and was still conveniently located for their members. The Driftmier Architects worked with the credit union on a market analysis to determine an optimal location area. Once a potential site was located, a site evaluation and feasibility study was conducted. Prior to design, The Driftmier Architects also worked with CHFCU on a needs analysis and program.

The project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in early summer. Other consultants working on the project included B&T Design & Engineering, Inc (structural) and the Van de Vanter Group (landscape architecture).