The remodel to the Nelson Legacy Group’s Houghton Center continues to move forward. Recent construction updates include the removal of the existing faade and the atrium roof over the Center. New CMU has been added to the existing parapets at the West end of the shopping center to create varying parapet heights that will separate the different stores from one another.

Scaffolding has been placed at the West end of Houghton Center to create a safe environment for customers. The scaffolding is also being used to apply the Stucco finish to the exterior wall. New windows have been cut in at Academic Links. The existing atrium stairs and landscape has been completely removed.

The interior of the new Metropolitan Market has been demolished, leaving only structural components. The exterior faade of the Market has been demolished and the new front is now under construction. The existing loading dock of the Market has also been removed and construction on the new dock has been started.

Bartell Drugs’ storefront has been approved by the City of Kirkland. Beginning the week of March 22, new CMU will be added on top of the existing parapet at Bartell Drugs and new framing and footings at the entryway will be poured and constructed for the columns. Approval has also been received for construction of the new courtyard area in the middle of the Center.