The Driftmier Architects recently honored Lisa Crabtree on the 20th anniversary of her employment at an office luncheon. She was presented with a crystal award commemorating the occasion and a gift certificate to Inn at the Market. Lisa is the Office Manager and is responsible for office administration, accounting, human resources and marketing coordination.

Lisa has many fond memories and reflected on the changes in the company of the last 20 years:
• We had individual computers and saved our data on diskettes. Now we have a computer network and have moved our accounting program to the Cloud.
• We still had an ammonia based blue-line printer for our drawings. Now we have a 36” wide plotter, but most of our documents go to permit or bid via the Internet.
• We filled out timesheets by hand. Now it is all done in a sophisticated software program that facilitates and automates financial management, marketing, resource planning, and project management.
• Lisa had three daughters at home including a first grader. Now she is a grandmother of two granddaughters.
• Lee Driftmier was a kid who used to call the office to ask his Dad if he could watch TV for 30 more minutes. Now he is a registered architect and is Vice President of the corporation.

Congratulations, Lisa! You were a wonderful addition to, and continue to be a very important part of The Driftmier Architects Team.