Recently I got the old bicycle down off the wall, got it tuned up, and took off for a short ride. Riding the bike wasn’t the problem, it was the starting and stopping. Somehow they just weren’t as smooth as I remembered. Good thing I was wearing a helmet.

Starting a new construction project or remodel can be somewhat the same. If you haven’t done it in a while, getting started can be the difficult part. That is why The Driftmier Architects offers so many development services.

We are experienced in helping you determine what you need, the condition of existing or potential facilities, determining the feasibility of a project, or where a new facility should be located.

Our Market Analysis service helps you select a location for you business or facility. We research and take into account demographics, competition, traffic and the location of traffic generators, local employment, area businesses, topography, zoning requirements, and a wide variety of other factors to help determine where your new facility should be located. This has also often been used to verify that your current location(s) are appropriate for your business.

Needs Analysis determines the size and type of space you need now, upon move in, and in the future. It may include floor area needs, area and task relationship matrices, workstation inventories, storage, product or supply and equipment inventories, etc. This analysis results in a report of what is needed for your business to thrive in a new or remodeled environment.

Site Evaluation determines the condition and potential of a specific building or site to accommodate the needs of your business now and in the future. This can be your current facility or a potential new site or existing building. The evaluation identifies the opportunities and challenges of developing or remodeling to meet your needs in the foreseeable future. This can comparatively analyze two or more sites or buildings, analyze your current building in comparison to a new location, etc.

Feasibility Studies provide a report on the feasibility of successfully completing a specific project. Since each client and each project is different what is included in the study is also different. Each study is targeted at addressing the concerns of each client and what information will be needed to make a specific decision. Generally the two most important questions are:

• Will it work on that site, or in this building?
• Can it be done for a responsible cost?

Once we know what you need, and the site or building you want to develop or adapt to your needs, we can determine if it will fit and what the extent of the work will be. From there we can estimate the cost.

When combined, these services help you determine what you need, where you need it, what will be necessary to meet your needs in that location, and roughly how much it will cost. These services inexpensively provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

After the first ride, I practiced the starts and stops and my bicycle outings are much smoother now. With the proper information, starting a construction project can also be smooth. Call us to help get your project off to a smooth start.