Construction of Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District’s Lakeway (Bellingham) Office Building was completed in September 2010. The district commissioners are very happy with the outcome and have set October 13 as the date for public dedication of the facility. The building was previously a fast food restaurant that now has been converted to the much-needed new office building. Designed by The Driftmier Architects, the project included an extensive remodel to the existing 2,320 SF building, addition of another 1,144 SF of space, reorganization of the site to provide for both public and secured district parking, a new entry plaza, staff outdoor lunch area and landscaping.
The exterior of the building has been completely transformed with cultured stone, bevel siding and aluminum composite material (ACM) color bands at the roof. Roof monitors and window shades that reflect light back into the building allow natural light to provide the majority of the building’s lighting during daylight hours. Soft tans and greens with natural finishes make up the interior of both district and public areas of the building. After working in a converted shop building for the last several decades, the district now has a modern and efficient facility for public and the staff.
With the move to the new office building, space has been made available to reorganize the buildings and site at the district’s existing Lakeview facility in Whatcom County. Driftmier and the district are now in the design process of a remodel that will open up shop space and provide new crew workstations, meeting space, locker rooms, product reference library, and a new emergency operations center. Construction of the remodel is expected to begin in the early spring of 2011.