Project Description

GRANCO Federal Credit Union - Ephrata Branch/Administrative Center

GRANCO Federal Credit Union’s Ephrata project started out as a simple remodel. During initial code review, it was determined that the existing building was not in compliance with current FEMA standards. The fact that a building in a desert-like environment was subject to federal flood standards was a surprise to the client. Forced to abandon a 2,800 sf basement, the project turned into a substantial expansion along with the remodel. The resulting 5,693 sf (plus basement) facility was designed in a craftsman style, reminiscent of lodges found throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The original building was totally remodeled and upgraded. The roof was restructured and opened to make way for a new 30-foot clerestory bringing in natural light and a 2,800 sf addition was constructed. The entire building was flood proofed to three feet above the finished floor level. The exterior received a stone veneer wainscot, fiber cement beveled siding and heavy wood timber accents. The finished facility included dedicated office space, a board room, staff work areas and a larger transaction area. With pre-planned construction phasing, GRANCO occupied the facility throughout construction.