After doing a complete facility needs analysis for Shoreline Water District, The Driftmier Architects worked with district staff and commissioners to outline the facility needs over the next 20 years and develop a plan to address these needs. The first step in the plan is now in the design stage of updating, expanding and remodeling the existing district office.

The building, located on 177th Street in Shoreline, started life as a 4,600 SF bank building. In the early 90’s the District hired the Driftmier Architects to convert it to a district office on a very tight budget and on a short timeline. Now, 20 years later as the District has matured and grown, the building is being remodeled and expanded to meet the ever growing needs of the district.

The design will include a more effective lobby, larger public meeting room, more efficient staff layout and other features that will allow the District to better meet the needs of their customers over the next 20 years.