Recently I read an article by Jan Doroteo titled “9 Reasons to Become an Architect” and was asked by my Principal to explain why I had chosen to pursue architecture. Up to this point, my path had always been in the direction of Interior Design, so why make the change now? I’ve always loved to learn; everything I can get my hands on from design to sales to building light fixtures. My passion for learning has driven me to move beyond what I thought my career would be and stretch for something bigger.

When I ventured out into the world and began my career path, I wanted to be an Interior Designer. Designing was something that I loved since being a young kid changing my bedroom around every month. I’ve always loved design and felt myself gravitating towards Interior Design from an early age, so I pursued an education in Interior Design and began making my way through the industry.

After being in the design industry, I felt my passion shift from Interior Design into a greater desire to understand and explore the building itself. I no longer wanted to just influence the interior of a space, but the whole of the building as well. The desire to shape and impact a community through design, wanting to build something that would leave an impact on the world from the moment you see the building all the way throughout the space.

I am constantly in awe of design and how even the smallest changes can make a huge difference to an environment. I appreciated an architect’s ability to create something from nothing or a designer’s ability to transform a space into something that elicits emotions from the end user.

As Dorotea said “Architecture always wants to help people and when it does it’s an incredibly satisfactory feeling.” I believe that architects make a huge impact on the world regardless if their name is printed in every architecture magazine or they are doing tenant improvements in small towns. Architecture fulfills my love of learning and wanting to build something that could impact the world.