Trinity Episcopal Church was constructed in 1914 and has been a landmark in Everett’s historic Bayside Neighbor for over 100 years.  The sanctuary is known mostly for the intricate stained glass windows that proudly cap each end of the nave above the narthax and alter.  Constructed in the famous Boston, MA studios of Charles Connick prior to the great war, it was documented that during transportation of the windows from Boston to Everett “the boxes were opened in many cities along the way for people to admire.”

After hearing about water intrusion in the sanctuary, The Driftmier Architects, in coordination with Vanwell Masonry Inc. and The Helios Group, diligently worked to identify the origin.   The resulting water damage to the church was compromising the long term safety of the stained glass window.   An investigation on the alter wall and roof determined the mortar on the terracotta parapet cap was failing.

After months of waiting for better weather conditions, and in an effort to protect the window from further endangerment, skilled masons carefully hand removed the old damaged grout around the stained glass window and on the original terra-cotta parapet above it.  The exposed joints were sealed, repointed and tooled appropriately to keep water from further damaging the alter wall.  A new elastomeric coating was applied to the exterior brick face to further protect the wall from absorbing moisture.

From the relationship built through the successful waterproofing process, The Driftmier Architects are currently working with the Church to identify other deferred maintenance items and areas of opportunity to ensure this landmark will provide services to the community for many years to come.