A remodel of Woodinville Water District’s Main Campus is underway! The contract was awarded to Christensen Inc, General Contractors last month, and construction is progressing quickly.

Two buildings on the District’s Main Campus, located on the Woodinville Ð Duvall Road, are currently being remodeled to address the District’s changing needs. The majority of the work is being performed on the District Administrative building. A rearrangement of interior walls will provide an additional office for a new hire, an expanded server room and a spacious work room for printing, storage and compiling projects. A more formal engineering and finance counter in the front lobby will allow the District to better serve its customers while maintaining a secure separation between the back office and public areas. An interior remodel of the Operations Crew Building will move crew workstations out of the existing lunch room and into a newly formed open office area.

The District will remain open during construction, and the work has been phased to minimize disruption to staff and customers. The project is scheduled for completion in mid-April.

This is one of three projects The Driftmier Architects is currently engaged in for local special use utility districts.