Over the past few months, The Driftmier Architects has been working with Woodinville Water District on their Campus Remodel. Completed over 10 years ago, Woodinville Water District found that their Administration and Operations buildings were not functioning as efficiently as they would like. Driftmier worked with the District to target areas for remodel and upgrading.

A new GIS/Finance Counter in the lobby will help the District to better serve their customers, while a rearrangement of a hallway and open area will provide an additional private office for staff. The new layout combines the previous work area, storage shelving and storage vault into a formal, efficient and central work room. Additionally, as technology changes, so do the needs of clients. No longer needing multiple large printers, the printer room will be combined into the server room to allow for an expanded network. For the Operations Building, new walls will help enclose an open work area so current workstations located in the lunch room can be relocated and provide a more appropriate work environment.

The project is currently in permit review and is planned to go out to bid at the end of July.